Because of this mindset some great friendships have been lost…


“That bitch stole my man!”

“That man stole my woman!”

“X stole Y’s person.”

First of all, 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 to everyone who has ever said or thought this phrase. How is an adult man or woman stolen? Are they handbags / wallets? Teach me your ways, oh ye great stealers of men and women! There’s a man I really want to steal so maybe a few pointers on how to will escalate my process to being his new legal owner by force. But seriously, how is this even a thing? Men stealing women / women stealing men? Are they inanimate objects that just sit there, waiting to change possession as and when? Are they things you buy in a retail store with your hard earned money, take them to your house and a selfish human comes along to take the fruits of your labor? Show me where to buy them then…

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v3.0 — WhosThatChic? Now this is a amust read for everyone who needs restoring and regain charge of their life.

Today (June 3) is my 30th birthday. I’m ecstatic for having come this far… because it’s been one hell of a journey. In my 20s, I made friends that became my family, fell in and out of love, walked out of a disastrous marriage, made a beautiful baby boy, made horrible financial decisions and lived […]

via v3.0 — WhosThatChic?

The girl, Bridget

Many at times I have many ideas I believe I should share with the world out there. But why don’t I, that’s the question I think I have answers to but not sure if they are the right ones or mere excuses.

There is this girl I know, Bridget Sanyu. She is a amazing in many different ways; she is a model, a psychologist among many others. I keep telling her to write a book because I am sure she has seen it all. But what I admire most about Bridget is her guts and balls. I share her school of thought and always inbox her agreeing to this and that. And that is exactly where my problem is, Why am I always hesitant to share my opinion but wait for Bridget to do it for me??? I believe this is the key to unlocking all my potential.

I am always like,” what will do and so say? Won’t they criticize and judge me based on this, even when it’s true. I bet Bridget doesn’t know I am this adherent to her like this. I still don’t know what inspires her posts but for some reason they speak to me often. I should share some of the best from Bridget.And this was just last night.

I have many more, I think some from last year. I am convinced Bridget can be anything she puts her mind to. The sky is the limit baibe girl.

This is how I go irrelevant, this was supposed to be about me and how I don’t believe in myself blah blah blah. And has anyone noticed that most of the time I try to write I end up writing about people in my life? I need help at this whole writing thing.



*Professionalism is defined as the behavior you exhibit while at work.*

As a professional, there are certain traits people expect to see in you regularly. Kindly find below few ways to be professional at work:

*1) Punctuality.*

One of the personality traits of a good professional is arriving to work early.

*2) Positive Attitude at Work.*

Every staff must come to work with a positive attitude. Be cheerful and look very bright with a smile…😀 Don’t carry your house problems to the work place.

*3) Dress Appropriately at all times.*

Dressing is such an integral part of being a professional. Every staff must learn to dress properly at all times. Clean well ironed clothes, tidy hair, nice makeup, good perfume. Dressing professionally tells a lot about your person and will determine how people treat you.

You dress the way you want to be addressed. Keep yourself professionally groomed and always pay attention to your personal hygiene.

*4) Watch your Mouth.*

It is extremely important that we watch what we say, where we work, even to our students.

As a professional, you must ensure the following: No Swearing/ no vulgar language, no cursing, no fighting at work, no shouting and behaving unprofessionally. Complain less.

*5)  Share Knowledge:*

A true professional is always willing to lend a helping hand to his or her colleagues, shares knowledge and is always willing to assist fellow colleagues.

*6) Respect for yourself and others.*

Every staff must respect himself or herself in the place of work. It is also important to respect your colleagues at work. Be polite at all times to fellow colleagues, even when provoked.

*7) Control your anger*

The work place is an area where you must learn to curtail your anger. Do not lie. Dishonesty never makes anyone look good. Be honest and calm at all times. Never expose your dirty linen in public. Professionals must ensure they do not expose their dirty linen in public. Avoid giving out too much information. Keep confidential information confidential.

*8) Follow Organisation’s Policies.*

Every true professional must obey all organisation’s policies. This goes to show that you are disciplined and respectful. Obeying work policies will be very advantageous to your career.

*9) Get your job done.*

Ensure on a daily basis, you have prepared your TO DO LIST for the day and lesson plan for the week and strive to achieve them. At the end of every day and week, it’s important to go through your to do list for the week and see how much you have achieved. Every professional must be RESULT ORIENTED.

*10) Look forward to each new day.*

A true professional looks forward to the opportunities that each new day brings. You shouldn’t dread going to work, instead savour the opportunity to learn and grow on a daily basis.

Just wondering

Watching NTVNews today, i noticed one of the people arrested for committing traffic offences was Katherin. I don’t really know much about her or the offence but from the little i have heard she tries her best like many of the people of her nationality to abide by the Ugandan rules. Most of these people for example are using driving permits from their countries, that’s one of the few things they are guilty of. Apart from that, they pay their taxes, their vehicles are well maintained and some have already renewed their SGS permits since last year(of course i don’t support the whole SGS idea) but these people are trying.

I am only wondering as to why the same effort isn’t used to help people being robbed in taxis and boda bodas, trying to maybe work with stage managers as they call themselves.

With all these horrible stories, and no follow up from the police. I just feel like there are more pressing matters than what prioritizes on.

Like i said, i am just wondering.

My Relationship with Chemistry

My best subjects in school were always Mathematics and English. And that was okay until i joined secondary school and met my biggest nightmare, Chemistry.

Chemistry and I started off on a good note but as the years webt by he started acting funny, giving me mixed reactions i didn’t understand. With God on my side, Chemistry anf i finally parted ways but on a good note.

Then almost 5 years after, this darling sister on mine tells me her and Chemistry have a good relationship, apparently they are eben taking things to the next level. I bowed and gave all respect to this young girl. She is hardworking and so committed to her relationship with these books.

And it’s not just, this little girl is very updated in all fields of life. I therefore choose to celebrate her today, the sky is the limit baby girl.


Watching the movie, “the Bachelors” on Sunday evening I found myself commenting, “Privileged people problems”. The successful sports guy in this movie was actually depressed because he wasn’t decided about what to do in his retirement, on the other hand his less successful friend was struggling and wishing for just one an experienced assistant coach to make his breakthrough.

The things we take for granted mean heaven to someone else. But why is it that we take these things for granted?

I will think “accessibility” can explain this.  For the kid who grew up lacking, they definitely will not take some things for granted, even opportunity will be treasured.

Entitlement! Most people depending on the way they have been brought up feel they are entitled to some things; their parents’ property, access to education, privileges at different stages of life.

But there is a certain species of people that I have still failed to understand. The kind that grow up lacking, they see their parents hustle through life but all this means nothing to them. These people will be expelled from one school to another; they’ll take on all sorts of habits and become nuisances.

 I don’t know if someone out there can explain to me what goes on in such people’s minds. I hope to visit this particular topic some time again.

Do i have to work today…?

At exactly 5:45 am the alarm went off, of course i knew that i still had 15 more minutes thus i took my time contemplating whether i really had to go to work today. remembering the endless phone calls i received yesterday, i jumped out of bed straight to the kitchen to prepare y breakfast and pack leftovers for lunch. The new resolution is to try and eat healthy and exercise whenever i have a chance.

8:00 am found me at work, updating passwords, catching up with emails, blah blah. we are here but truth is that many of us are still in the holiday mood but hoping we adjust as the day gets busy.

The Young Big Sister

I grew up being the reference to my brother who is 2 years my junior. I can swear it was alwats the best feeling, you always had to do things nit because you chose to but an example to the young brother as well.

There was a young cousin sister as well, 5 years younger. I didn’t have to be exemplary that much but was worried once in a while about where and what she did. She turned out to be very close and one of my best confindants. She grew up to ve very responsible and i admire her every day. I find myself asking for her opinion in matters i should be asking my seniors and she always has the right answers.

I am proud of my small big sister that is.