Ten Unmistakable Habits of Irresistible People

Ten Unmistakable Habits of Irresistible People


Just wondering

Watching NTVNews today, i noticed one of the people arrested for committing traffic offences was Katherin. I don’t really know much about her or the offence but from the little i have heard she tries her best like many of the people of her nationality to abide by the Ugandan rules. Most of these people for example are using driving permits from their countries, that’s one of the few things they are guilty of. Apart from that, they pay their taxes, their vehicles are well maintained and some have already renewed their SGS permits since last year(of course i don’t support the whole SGS idea) but these people are trying.

I am only wondering as to why the same effort isn’t used to help people being robbed in taxis and boda bodas, trying to maybe work with stage managers as they call themselves.

With all these horrible stories, and no follow up from the police. I just feel like there are more pressing matters than what prioritizes on.

Like i said, i am just wondering.

My Relationship with Chemistry

My best subjects in school were always Mathematics and English. And that was okay until i joined secondary school and met my biggest nightmare, Chemistry.

Chemistry and I started off on a good note but as the years webt by he started acting funny, giving me mixed reactions i didn’t understand. With God on my side, Chemistry anf i finally parted ways but on a good note.

Then almost 5 years after, this darling sister on mine tells me her and Chemistry have a good relationship, apparently they are eben taking things to the next level. I bowed and gave all respect to this young girl. She is hardworking and so committed to her relationship with these books.

And it’s not just, this little girl is very updated in all fields of life. I therefore choose to celebrate her today, the sky is the limit baby girl.


Watching the movie, “the Bachelors” on Sunday evening I found myself commenting, “Privileged people problems”. The successful sports guy in this movie was actually depressed because he wasn’t decided about what to do in his retirement, on the other hand his less successful friend was struggling and wishing for just one an experienced assistant coach to make his breakthrough.

The things we take for granted mean heaven to someone else. But why is it that we take these things for granted?

I will think “accessibility” can explain this.  For the kid who grew up lacking, they definitely will not take some things for granted, even opportunity will be treasured.

Entitlement! Most people depending on the way they have been brought up feel they are entitled to some things; their parents’ property, access to education, privileges at different stages of life.

But there is a certain species of people that I have still failed to understand. The kind that grow up lacking, they see their parents hustle through life but all this means nothing to them. These people will be expelled from one school to another; they’ll take on all sorts of habits and become nuisances.

 I don’t know if someone out there can explain to me what goes on in such people’s minds. I hope to visit this particular topic some time again.

Do i have to work today…?

At exactly 5:45 am the alarm went off, of course i knew that i still had 15 more minutes thus i took my time contemplating whether i really had to go to work today. remembering the endless phone calls i received yesterday, i jumped out of bed straight to the kitchen to prepare y breakfast and pack leftovers for lunch. The new resolution is to try and eat healthy and exercise whenever i have a chance.

8:00 am found me at work, updating passwords, catching up with emails, blah blah. we are here but truth is that many of us are still in the holiday mood but hoping we adjust as the day gets busy.

The Young Big Sister

I grew up being the reference to my brother who is 2 years my junior. I can swear it was alwats the best feeling, you always had to do things nit because you chose to but an example to the young brother as well.

There was a young cousin sister as well, 5 years younger. I didn’t have to be exemplary that much but was worried once in a while about where and what she did. She turned out to be very close and one of my best confindants. She grew up to ve very responsible and i admire her every day. I find myself asking for her opinion in matters i should be asking my seniors and she always has the right answers.

I am proud of my small big sister that is.

Hoping it will be different

So last year i started out here, made myself many promises to improve my writing, to read more and basically be better at everything. It didn’t go as planned as we can tell by now. But i am sure this year will be better.

The plan is to read at least 2 books per month. Small beginnings.

Wish me luck already.

Sharon the Birthday Girl

On this day 20 something years ago, a baby girl was born and they named her Sharon. Some people call her Shan but the villager in me is stuck with Sharon.

So who is this Sharon creature? Sharon is the girl I met on the 5th of December 2014 at an end of year work party. I was in my 3rd month at the job and didn’t know that many people. She was already friends with Momo whom o had a few months before. 

From L-R: Merab, Me, Momo and Sharon

We didn’t talk because Sharon rarely talks much to people she has just met but  after a few drinks we took to the dance floor, had camera moments together and exchanged contacts. I believe that’s the day I became friends with Sharon. A month after meeting Sharon, she had beach plot with her friends and I was lucky to be invited.

L-R: Irene, Sharon, Momo and I

I had so much fun at the beach because I rarely had time out with girls since I had got into the habit of finding my way around with no one to worry about. I concluded that the more time you spend with someone you’ll eventually get attached to them. 

I continued meeting Sharon at work events and parties and we always used these to catch up. It was late November 2015 that she told me she was house hunting since her housemate had travelled for further studies. I thought about her situation for some days and then made the decision to try out having a housemate, of course I had everyone giving me Thur experiences and opinions about the idea of having a housemate but at the end of it all it was up to me to decide. We went out house hunting one Friday afternoon and were successful by evening. At the beginning of December 2015 we officially moved on together. I realized she wasn’t the Kampala girl I had earlier thought of her to be, she liked cleaning and cooking a lot. We started doing things and meeting each other’s friends. 

Sharon and I at Cafe Ceylon

Did I mention we both love having a good time, invite us to any party and trust me we’ll be there. We’ve over the time learned to tolerate one another by respecting each other’s space.

L-R:Me, Sandrah and Sharon

We recently had a surprise party     for Sharon with the help of my dear friend Sandrah. We are yet to create more beautiful memories together. 

I am glad I have you on my life Sharon.

She makes me think twice …

16 years older than me but makes me feel like a grandma. So there is this lady at work whom i have great admiration for; very graceful in the way she carries herself and her dress code oh my…

Yesterday she called me to her office and expressed her concern, ” You’ve lost so much weight Audrey, is everything okay?” of course i admitted not feeling well and she felt sorry for me. All this while i was staring at her in amazement, very neat hair, well done simple makeup, and her lipstick is to die for. I made the resolution there and then.

Luckily i got home early and freshened up and changed to go meet my Mu-summer friend, this time i was motivated to dress my best; simple leggings, dress top and of course some lipstick. Before leaving the house i shared with my housemate about the awesome lady at work and she emphasized the same, it all starts with you, Love yourself always and let it be portrayed in the way you dress your body up. With that i fell in love with my body once again and i am not giving up on myself ever.

I am Not Forgotten

He cares when no else does.


And Samuel said to Jesse, “Are all the young men here?” Then he said, “There remains yet the youngest, and there he is, keeping the sheep.” And Samuel said to Jesse, “Send and bring him. For we will not sit down till he comes here.” (1 Sam 16:11)

Imagine this: that on the most significant day in the history of your family, when the prophet has come all the way from Ramallah to anoint the next leader of your nation from your family, no one even cared to call you back from your fellowship with sheep in the wilderness!

Why do you think David’s father forgot to invite him? Ok, it’s common knowledge that fathers sometimes forget important things. How about the mother? We’ve seen mothers stand up for their disadvantaged sons throughout the Bible, but this time, not even David’s mother remembers!

Have you ever felt totally disadvantaged? Have…

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