Sharon the Birthday Girl

On this day 20 something years ago, a baby girl was born and they named her Sharon. Some people call her Shan but the villager in me is stuck with Sharon.

So who is this Sharon creature? Sharon is the girl I met on the 5th of December 2014 at an end of year work party. I was in my 3rd month at the job and didn’t know that many people. She was already friends with Momo whom o had a few months before. 

From L-R: Merab, Me, Momo and Sharon

We didn’t talk because Sharon rarely talks much to people she has just met but  after a few drinks we took to the dance floor, had camera moments together and exchanged contacts. I believe that’s the day I became friends with Sharon. A month after meeting Sharon, she had beach plot with her friends and I was lucky to be invited.

L-R: Irene, Sharon, Momo and I

I had so much fun at the beach because I rarely had time out with girls since I had got into the habit of finding my way around with no one to worry about. I concluded that the more time you spend with someone you’ll eventually get attached to them. 

I continued meeting Sharon at work events and parties and we always used these to catch up. It was late November 2015 that she told me she was house hunting since her housemate had travelled for further studies. I thought about her situation for some days and then made the decision to try out having a housemate, of course I had everyone giving me Thur experiences and opinions about the idea of having a housemate but at the end of it all it was up to me to decide. We went out house hunting one Friday afternoon and were successful by evening. At the beginning of December 2015 we officially moved on together. I realized she wasn’t the Kampala girl I had earlier thought of her to be, she liked cleaning and cooking a lot. We started doing things and meeting each other’s friends. 

Sharon and I at Cafe Ceylon

Did I mention we both love having a good time, invite us to any party and trust me we’ll be there. We’ve over the time learned to tolerate one another by respecting each other’s space.

L-R:Me, Sandrah and Sharon

We recently had a surprise party     for Sharon with the help of my dear friend Sandrah. We are yet to create more beautiful memories together. 

I am glad I have you on my life Sharon.


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