She makes me think twice …

16 years older than me but makes me feel like a grandma. So there is this lady at work whom i have great admiration for; very graceful in the way she carries herself and her dress code oh my…

Yesterday she called me to her office and expressed her concern, ” You’ve lost so much weight Audrey, is everything okay?” of course i admitted not feeling well and she felt sorry for me. All this while i was staring at her in amazement, very neat hair, well done simple makeup, and her lipstick is to die for. I made the resolution there and then.

Luckily i got home early and freshened up and changed to go meet my Mu-summer friend, this time i was motivated to dress my best; simple leggings, dress top and of course some lipstick. Before leaving the house i shared with my housemate about the awesome lady at work and she emphasized the same, it all starts with you, Love yourself always and let it be portrayed in the way you dress your body up. With that i fell in love with my body once again and i am not giving up on myself ever.


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