The Girl I’ve become!

She walks around the corridors with so much confidence that everyone she meets can’t help but notice the positive vibes. She smiles as she says Good morning to her Colleagues head up.

Only her knows where this confidence comes from the Positive attitude and looking for the good in every situation. Yes, she realized that worrying never changes much about any situation but trusting God and letting him take control of every situation in her life has gotten her this far.

The soothing Hill song Music she listens to at 5:30 am when she wakes up is her daily dose of hope, then she gets to work early enough to prepare her work station and prepare for the day.  Says her prayer asking for his mighty guidance through every hour of the day, surrenders her family and loved ones to him.

She has mastered the art of seeing the good in every situation, even when things seem to be tight, she will will smile and hope for the best.And of course that above all patience doesn’t disappoint. All i can say is that I am happy with his girl, i want to be her always


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