The Beautiful Curves 

Don’t you love the way the clothes hug those beautiful Curves, aren’t you grateful looking in the mirror and acknowledging how luck you’re that you’re not investing in the… just to look better in certain outfit? Well I am so lucky to have these Curves.

But don’t take it for granted because you’re blessed,  you need to take good care of it too,  try exercising for  at least 30 minutes everyday.  It’s as easy steps I make it sound,  I personally haven’t done any of that for the last 2 weeks but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Be better than me,  do what I can’t. 

If that is too much try drinking 2 litres of water,  I have convinced myself it will make a difference,  add a few slices of lemon if you can. 

If not try the cleansing though I can’t remember the last time I did this,  once again just because I can’t do something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t,  one of us ought to do these things. 

Oh,  have I confessed the main reason I am insisting on these things,  the curves are escalating even in places I wouldn’t want them to be in excess. We are forcefully changing the wardrobe,  I mantain email love the curves but it’s our responsibility to make them admirable,  tone them up. 

Will  try harder starting tomorrow.      Chau Chau. 


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